Gene description for SREBF2
Gene name sterol regulatory element binding transcription factor 2
Gene symbol SREBF2
Other names/aliases SREBP-2
Species Homo sapiens
 Database cross references - SREBF2
ExoCarta ExoCarta_6721
Entrez Gene 6721
HGNC 11290
MIM 600481
UniProt Q12772  
 SREBF2 identified in exosomes derived from the following tissue/cell type
Hepatocytes 26054723    
 Gene ontology annotations for SREBF2
Molecular Function
    E-box binding GO:0070888 IDA
    RNA polymerase II core promoter proximal region sequence-specific DNA binding transcription factor activity involved in negative regulation of transcription GO:0001078 IDA
    protein dimerization activity GO:0046983 IEA
    protein binding GO:0005515 IPI
    RNA polymerase II core promoter proximal region sequence-specific DNA binding GO:0000978 IDA
    C-8 sterol isomerase activity GO:0000247 IDA
    protein C-terminus binding GO:0008022 IPI
Biological Process
    negative regulation of cholesterol efflux GO:0090370 IDA
    positive regulation of transcription from RNA polymerase II promoter GO:0045944 IDA
    lipid metabolic process GO:0006629 TAS
    positive regulation of cholesterol storage GO:0010886 IDA
    negative regulation of transcription from RNA polymerase II promoter GO:0000122 IDA
    positive regulation of protein targeting to mitochondrion GO:1903955 IMP
    transcription, DNA-templated GO:0006351 IEA
    cellular response to laminar fluid shear stress GO:0071499 NAS
    cellular response to starvation GO:0009267 IMP
    regulation of lipid transport by negative regulation of transcription from RNA polymerase II promoter GO:0072368 IDA
    regulation of mitochondrion degradation GO:1903146 IMP
    small molecule metabolic process GO:0044281 TAS
    response to low-density lipoprotein particle GO:0055098 IEP
    regulation of cholesterol homeostasis GO:2000188 IEA
    cholesterol metabolic process GO:0008203 IEA
Subcellular Localization
    nucleolus GO:0005730 IDA
    nucleus GO:0005634 IDA
    endoplasmic reticulum membrane GO:0005789 TAS
    cytoplasm GO:0005737 IDA
    cytosol GO:0005829 TAS
    endoplasmic reticulum GO:0005783 IDA
    SREBP-SCAP-Insig complex GO:0032937 IDA
    ER to Golgi transport vesicle membrane GO:0012507 IEA
    Golgi membrane GO:0000139 TAS
    nucleoplasm GO:0005654 TAS
 Experiment description of studies that identified SREBF2 in exosomes
Experiment ID 237
ISEV standards
EV Biophysical techniques
EV Cytosolic markers
EV Membrane markers
EV Negative markers
EV Particle analysis
Identified molecule mRNA
Identification method RNA Sequencing
PubMed ID 26054723    
Organism Homo sapiens
Experiment description Hepatocellular carcinoma-derived exosomes promote motility of immortalized hepatocyte through transfer of oncogenic proteins and RNAs
Authors He M, Qin H, Poon TC, Sze SC, Ding X, Co NN, Ngai SM, Chan TF, Wong N
Journal name Carcinogenesis
Publication year 2015
Sample Hepatocytes
Sample name MIHA
Isolation/purification methods Differential centrifugation
Sucrose density gradient
Flotation density 1.13-1.19 g/mL
Molecules identified in the study Protein
Methods used in the study Western blotting
Mass spectrometry
RNA Sequencing
 Protein-protein interactions for SREBF2
  Protein Interactor ExoCarta ID Identification method PubMed Species
1 MAPK1 5594
Invitro Homo sapiens
2 INSIG1  
Affinity Capture-Western Homo sapiens
3 SP1  
Reconstituted Complex Homo sapiens
4 KPNB1 3837
Reconstituted Complex Homo sapiens
5 UBE2I 7329
Affinity Capture-Western Homo sapiens
6 MAPK3 5595
Invitro Homo sapiens
7 SREBF2 6721
Reconstituted Complex Homo sapiens
Reconstituted Complex Homo sapiens
Far Western Homo sapiens
Affinity Capture-Western Homo sapiens
9 CASP3 836
Biochemical Activity Homo sapiens
10 EP300 2033
Far Western Homo sapiens
11 SCAP  
Invivo Homo sapiens
Invitro Homo sapiens
12 Rab11b 79434
Two-hybrid Rattus norvegicus
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