Gene description for Cd81
Gene name Cd81 molecule
Gene symbol Cd81
Other names/aliases Tapa1
Species Rattus norvegicus
 Database cross references - Cd81
ExoCarta ExoCarta_25621
Entrez Gene 25621
UniProt Q62745  
 Cd81 identified in exosomes derived from the following tissue/cell type
Hepatocytes 19367702    
 Gene ontology annotations for Cd81
Molecular Function
    MHC class II protein complex binding GO:0023026 ISO
    protein binding GO:0005515 IPI
Biological Process
    activation of MAPK activity GO:0000187 ISS
    positive regulation of cell proliferation GO:0008284 ISS
    phosphatidylinositol metabolic process GO:0046488 ISS
    protein localization GO:0008104 ISS
    regulation of cell motility GO:2000145 ISO
    regulation of cell proliferation GO:0042127 IDA
    response to wounding GO:0009611 IEP
    regulation of growth GO:0040008 IEP
    positive regulation of 1-phosphatidylinositol 4-kinase activity GO:0043128 ISS
    positive regulation of B cell proliferation GO:0030890 ISO
    positive regulation of peptidyl-tyrosine phosphorylation GO:0050731 ISS
    phosphatidylinositol biosynthetic process GO:0006661 ISS
Subcellular Localization
    apical plasma membrane GO:0016324 IDA
    focal adhesion GO:0005925 ISO
    membrane GO:0016020 ISO
    integral component of plasma membrane GO:0005887 ISS
    immunological synapse GO:0001772 ISO
    vesicle GO:0031982 ISO
    extracellular exosome GO:0070062 ISO
    integral component of membrane GO:0016021 IDA
 Experiment description of studies that identified Cd81 in exosomes
Experiment ID 35
ISEV standards
EV Biophysical techniques
EV Cytosolic markers
EV Membrane markers
EV Negative markers
EV Particle analysis
Identified molecule protein
Identification method Western blotting
PubMed ID 19367702    
Organism Rattus norvegicus
Experiment description Characterization and Comprehensive Proteome Profiling of Exosomes Secreted by Hepatocytes.
Authors Conde-Vancells J, Rodriguez-Suarez E, Embade N, Gil D, Matthiesen R, Valle M, Elortza F, Lu SC, Mato JM, Falcon-Perez JM
Journal name JPR
Publication year 2008
Sample Hepatocytes
Sample name Hepatocytes
Isolation/purification methods Differential centrifugation
Sucrose density gradient
Flotation density -
Molecules identified in the study Protein
Methods used in the study Mass spectrometry [QTOF]
Western blotting
 Protein-protein interactions for Cd81
  Protein Interactor ExoCarta ID Identification method PubMed Species
No interactions are found.
 Pathways in which Cd81 is involved
No pathways found

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